CCU Course Syllabus
Course Title (Chinese): 台灣教育與文化研究 Teaching Unit: 教育領導與管理發展國際碩士學位學程(Master in Educational Leadership and Management Development )
Course Title (English) Taiwan Education and Culture Research Course Code 3955008_01
Lecturer: 蔡秀美 Number of Credits 3
Mandatory/Elective Elective Year 1
Course Introduction:
本課程希望選讀的學生能增加其對台灣的認識(如地理位置、氣候、人口、政治、經濟等) ,能深入了解台灣的歷史和族群組成,社會制度、民俗生活等面向,同時一起探討台灣教育的發展史,現行的教育制度和教改議題。

2. 了解台灣歷史、族群、社會文化、宗教生活和民俗節慶等
3. 了解台灣教育發展歷史、教育制度、課程與教科書以及教育改革等議題
Learning Goals:
1. 認識台灣背景(地理位置、氣候、人口、政治、經濟等)
2. 了解台灣的歷史、族群組成、社會文化、宗教和民俗節慶等
3. 了解台灣學校教育的發展歷史、教育制度、課程與教科書以及教育改革等議題
4. 國際學生學習台灣教育經驗,能應用於其母國教育政策與問題
1. Copper, J. F. (2013). Taiwan: Nation-State or Province? (6th Ed.) Philadelphia, PA: Westview.
2. Chou, C.P. and Ching, G. (2012). Taiwan education at the crossroad. NY: Palgrave MacMillan.
3. Rigger, S.(2011). Why Taiwan matters: Small island, global powerhouse. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield.

Course Syllabus Number of Hours Core Capabilities Remarks
Topic Content Lecture Demonstration Assignment Others
Taiwan profile
Taiwan profile
History of Taiwan-part 1
History of Taiwan, seventeenth century
History of Taiwan-part 2
History of Taiwan, eighteenth century till now
Society and ethnic groups
Society and ethnic groups
2 1
Historical overview of education
Historical overview of Taiwan education
Taiwan educational system
Taiwan educational system
Course, curriculum and textbook
Course, curriculum and textbook
Education reform
Recent development of education reform
2 1

Please respect to the intellectual property rights, do not photocopy the textbooks which assigned by professors.

Course Details:
1. Teaching Materials:Self DevelopedProvided by Textbook Authors
2. Teaching Method:Lecture SlidesBlackboard Teaching
3. Grading Method:Attendance 10.00%, Quiz0%, Assignment20.00%, Programming0%, Technical Report0%,
                       Project0%, Mid-Term Exam30.00%, Final Exam0%, Final Report40.00%, Others0%,
4. Teaching Resources:Course Web Site Downloadable Electronic Materials Lab Web Site
5. Other requirements:

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