CCU Course Syllabus
Introduction of optoelectronics semiconductor光電半導體導論
Course Introduction
本課程將介紹光電中半導體材料的原理和類型。在本課程中,將詳細介紹 LED、雷射和光電探測器的機制。由於全球電腦和網絡建設的推進以及普及,光電產業也隨之備受關注。其中,LED光電元件、顯示器、太陽能電池、雷射、光的輸入以及輸出訊號元件、儲光元件是台灣光電產業的主要產品。本課程將為學生組織相關應用技術和必備知識。此外,學生將在學期末進行口頭報告。
This course will introduce the principles and types of semiconductor materials in optoelectronic. During this course, the mechanisms of LEDs, lasers, and photodetectors will be well described. Due to the promotion of global computer and network construction and the popularity of multimedia, the optoelectronic industry has attracted much attention. Among them, LED optoelectronics, optoelectronic displays, solar cells, lasers, light input and output, and light storage devices are the main products of Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry. This course organizes related application technologies and necessary knowledges for students. Besides, students will also have an oral presentation at the end of the semester.
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