CCU Course Syllabus
Palynology and Environment孢粉與環境
Course Introduction
Course Description–(3 credits): This course deals with pollen and spores of modern plants that are used as references for the identification of the fossilized ones using the shape and structures of pollen grains and spores. The course covers taxonomy, application of fossil pollen in dating sediments is emphasized. This course involves field and laboratory works. Maximum number of students are ten.

Objectives: Students who successfully complete this course should have:
a. Describe the structures, textures, shapes of pollen grains and spores.
b. Identify using an optical microscope the different pollen grains/spores of modern and ancient plants.
c. Explain how fossil pollen provides a record of past environment and ecology.
Document of syllabus課程大綱 孢粉與環境(四下或研一 3學分).doc
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