CCU Course Syllabus
English Vocabulary & Reading High-intermediate (II)進階英文字彙閱讀(二)
Course Introduction
Course Objectives
1. Efficiently comprehend reading passages by effective reading comprehension skills in academic fields, e.g. scanning and skimming, cohesion and coherence, main idea and supports, inferential vs literal meaning, etc.
2. Apply intertextual skills to connect ideas in different reading passages to summarize, paraphrase, and synthesize.
3. Demonstrate reading skills for academic purpose: identify main ideas, text patterns and keywords and use outlining, Venn diagram and concept mapping to frame reading comprehension.
4. Use academic wordlists in general specific disciplines.
5. Use after-reading skills for academic discussion or to present academic topics or to address global problems.

1. 以有效的英文閱讀技巧來理解不同學術領域閱讀篇章關鍵用語,如掃讀、略讀、字句連貫與語意邏輯連貫、主旨及支持論據、推論語意與字面原意。
2. 理解學術閱讀的主旨及重點後,能以跨文本連結技巧來呈現本理解能力,並以英文摘要技巧、轉述技巧、及綜合論點技巧來整合語意連結並批判思考。
3. 能運用學術英文閱讀技巧:閱讀目的、主旨、文本結構與關鍵字、及以適當大綱結構、分析作者主張、分析優缺點、或摘述文本重點等建構完整的閱讀理解及整合能力
4. 能學會使用學術領域英文關鍵字彙或校園生活字彙。
5. 以英文討論學術性或全球關注議題、及以英文上台發表技巧。
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