CCU Course Syllabus
English Academic Note-taking & Presentation Skills High-intermediate (III)進階英文筆記與發表技巧(三)
Course Introduction
This course will use authentic sources from National Geographic and TED to connect students to the important issues in the world. This course also integrates the important issues and skills in 21st century to consolidates core academic note-taking and presentation skills. Finally, this course inspires critical thinking through the connection of the thematic content and students’ lives.
Specifically, the learner will learn to:
1. summarize the important issues the that world is currently facing, and express personal opinions about these issues
2. apply listening skills to comprehend the monologues and the dialogues in a variety of genres (for example, differentiate main ideas from supporting details in the TED talk & conversations)
3. use note-taking skills to capture and organize important information
apply presentation skills in academic presentations (for example, using signpost phrases)
4. apply critical thinking skills to organize information in presentations
5. use specific and relevant examples to support points made in presentations
6. use formal academic language in oral presentations
7. use non-verbal presentation skills (e.g. body language) in oral presentations
8. apply critical thinking skills (e.g. intellectual standards) in evaluating presentations
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