CCU Course Syllabus
English Academic Listening High-intermediate (I)進階英文學術聽力(一)
Course Introduction
Course Objectives
After completing the course, learners can
1. build background knowledge in different academic disciplines by academic listening skills
2. improve academic reading & listening skills
3. increase vocabulary size in academic fields & campus life
4. develop academic note-taking and summarizing skills
5. develop discussion & oral presentation skills

1. 藉由大量學術聽力練習,佐以閱讀補充學術領域知識,以強化跨專業領域之背景知識
2. 增進學術文章閱讀及課堂聽力技巧
3. 增加學術領域或校園生活字彙使用能力
4. 提升英文筆記及英文摘要能力
5. 提升學術性議題討論及口說發表之能力
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