CCU Course Syllabus
English Communication Skills (Integrated skills)應用英語(整合技巧)
Course Introduction
In this course, you will learn to appropriately use workplace vocabulary in business-oriented or global communication contexts, to effectively solve workplace problems by drawing on information from a variety of written and spoken texts, and to actively apply career skills to communicate in English with greater fluency and confidence. Detailed course description is as below:

1. The course will use a practical and hands-on approach to help you develop important business skills or global communication skills for presentations, attending meetings, telephoning, negotiating and socializing.
2. Each unit contains three practical speaking tasks, which are designed to help you develop the skills needed to meet the unit objectives. After each task, you will do a quick self-evaluation to reflect on your task performance.
3. The section "What do you think?" provides you with an opportunity to connect business-related topics or content knowledge to your ideas and experiences.
4. The culture notes will help you become aware of how different cultures approach common business situations.
5. The five to eight writing units will help you develop writing skills that are important for business communication: messages and notes, emails, memos, letters and short reports.
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