CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
This course aims to prepare ELMD doctoral student Ganda Christian Panggabean to enter doctoral candidacy, who will demonstrate good knowledge of his dissertation topic with a comprehensive literature review, complete a draft dissertation proposal, prepare to pass the doctoral candidacy exam, and submit a paper to be accepted for publication in a peer reviewed international journal. The level of research, thinking, and communication will reach the satisfactory level (80 points and above).

Under the advisor’s guidance, the student will take the initiative to (1) acquire a solid foundation in applied linguistics to pass his Q-exam, (2) build knowledge in Austronesian linguistic structures with a focus on Indonesian grammar, (3) draft a research proposal with a comprehensive literature review and a clear research design, and (4) publish a single-authored paper in an anonymously reviewed international journal.
Document of syllabusDissertation II - Revised.docx
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