CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
In this course, students will learn to develop language skills needed to achieve academic success, read across interdisciplinary fields with different genres, apply a variety of reading skills for different reading purposes and tones, write essays by using different text patterns and incorporating appropriate sources, and discuss in academic with critical thinking skills.
By the end of the semester, learners will be able to…
1 Learn academic reading skills in a variety of genres and styles, with long passages and visuals, and prepare to comprehend a variety of academic texts
2 Learn to write different essay types through reading skills and strategies
3 Read and write more effectively by making connections between reading and writing skills.
4 Develop abilities to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from sources with critical thinking tasks, e.g. evaluating supporting arguments, evaluating sources, analyzing and evaluating evidence, inferring a writer’s tone and purpose, making inferences, considering counterarguments, etc.

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