CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
By the end of the semester, learners will be able to…
1 Learn academic reading skills in a variety of genres and styles, with long passages and visuals, and prepare to comprehend a variety of academic texts.
2. Identify the topic and main ideas of an academic lecture & take notes.
3 Learn to identify different essay types through reading skills and strategies.
4 Read and write more effectively by making connections between reading and writing skills.
5 Demonstrate note-taking, summarizing, paraphrasing skills for academic contexts by using academic wordlists in general specific disciplines.
6 Develop abilities to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from sources with critical thinking tasks, e.g. Evaluating supporting arguments, evaluating sources, analyzing and evaluating evidence, inferring a writer’s tone and purpose, making inferences, considering counterarguments, etc.
7 Discuss ideas with peers in an academic discussion or to present an academic topic/to address a global problem.
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