CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
This is an all English class. In addition to English listening, speaking, and reading, this class mainly focuses on learning major professional sports terminology in English (such as gym, fitness, baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis, & Intercollegiate Athletics Games) and the updated global sport news. 本科是全英語課程,除了著重英語聽力、英講與閱讀練習,強調職業運動項目(譬如,健身房、體適能、棒球、籃球、游泳、網球、全大運)的英文專業術語與全球最新運動時事趨勢的學習。
Document of syllabus108-2 Sports in English_Syllabus(體育英文授課大綱- 2020.03 -.docx
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