CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
Course Objectives
This course aims to provide students an advanced understanding of the emerging environmental issues in the world. Six most discussed environmental issues were selected from the Year Book of United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) published over the past decade. These environmental problems do not always respect national boundaries and they often have impact beyond borders. This course focuses on the emerging environment issues that the world has to face, and how they may be addressed by international society through international convention and regional initiatives.

Course Design
The lecture is given in English. Class participants are divided into several teams, depending on the size of the class, and required to speak English in classroom discussion. Six topics are covered in the course, each one of which takes two weeks (four class-hours) to complete. The four class-hours for each topic is divided into two parts, a lecture given by the lecturer and an informal debate run by class participants, each of which takes two hours. The lecture focuses on problem identification and global efforts to address the problem. The informal debate focuses on opposite perspectives on selected issues. No written paper is required for this class.
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