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Course Introduction
Course Description:
This course is a graduate level introduction to the field of Austronesian linguistics featuring language documentation and conservation (LDC) ( and second language pedagogy. Topics to be covered include (1) a bird’s eye view of the Austronesian language family, (2) field methods in linguistics, (3) sociolinguistic approaches to language variation, and (4) applied linguistics in second language pedagogy, materials development, writing pedagogical grammar, and lexicography. The participants will discuss selected readings, learn about an LDC model developed by the instructor, and study the structures of an Indonesian and a Philippine language as two examples of western Austronesian languages.

The participants will (1) acquire the knowledge of Austronesian linguistics and the ability to analyze and teach an Austronesian language, and (2) learn the nuts and bolts of documentary linguistics and second language pedagogy to apply to documentation and development of teaching materials of an Austronesian language.
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