CCU Course Intro
Course Title (Chinese): 科學哲學 Teaching Unit: 哲學系(Department of Philosophy)
Course Title (English) Philosophy of Science Course Code 1253500_01
Lecturer: 歐陽敏 Number of Credits 3
Mandatory/Elective Mandatory Year
Course Introduction:
順著歷史發展脈絡講授一般科學哲學的理論與發展,主軸為邏輯實證論、Karl Popper,再到孔恩及孔恩後的科學哲學,其間穿插三個重要科哲議題:科學推理、科學說明及實在論/反實在論。課程最後則對部分特殊科學哲學學門及議題做概論性的介紹,再以科學及價值的爭議對課程做總結。
Learning Goals:
Godfrey-Smith, P. (2003). Theory and Reality: an introduction to the philosophy of science. The University of Chicago Press.
Rosenberg, A. (2005). Philosophy of Science: a contemporary introduction. Routledge.
Samir Okasha (2002), Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press.

Allhoff, F. (ed.) (2009). Philosophies of the Sciences: A Guide. Wiley-Blackwell.
van Brakel, J. (2000). Philosophy of Chemistry. Leuven University Press.
Sober, E. (2000), Philosophy of Biology (2nd Edition), Westview.

Course Syllabus Number of Hours Core Capabilities Remarks
Topic Content Lecture Demonstration Assignment Others
1. 導論:什麼是科學?什麼是科學哲學?
2. 邏輯經驗論的科學哲學觀
3. 科學推理
4. 科學說明
5. Karl Popper
6. 科學變遷與科學革命
. 孔恩與科學的(非)理性
8. 後孔恩的科學哲學(拉卡托斯、勞丹、費耶若本)
9. 實在論與反實在論
10. 特殊科學的哲學
11. 科學及其批判

Please respect to the intellectual property rights, do not photocopy the textbooks which assigned by professors.

Course Details:
1. Teaching Materials:Self DevelopedProvided by Textbook Authors
2. Teaching Method:Lecture SlidesBlackboard Teaching
3. Grading Method:Attendance 15%, Quiz0%, Assignment0%, Programming0%, Technical Report0%,
                       Project0%, Mid-Term Exam35%, Final Exam35%, Final Report0%, Others15%,
4. Teaching Resources:Course Web Site Downloadable Electronic Materials Lab Web Site
5. Other requirements:

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