CCU Course Intro
Course Title (Chinese): 演化論中的哲學問題:利他行為 Teaching Unit: 哲學系(Department of Philosophy)
Course Title (English) Philosophical Issues in Evolutionary Theory: Altruism Course Code 1252532_01
Lecturer: 歐陽敏 Number of Credits 2
Mandatory/Elective Elective Year
Course Introduction:
Learning Goals:
1. 理解利他行為如何能演化出來的相關理論
2. 理解這些理論的歷史發展脈絡
Sober, E., & Wilson, D. S. (1999). Unto others: The evolution and psychology of unselfish behavior (No. 218). Harvard University Press.

Course Syllabus Number of Hours Core Capabilities Remarks
Topic Content Lecture Demonstration Assignment Others
1. Altruism as a Biological Concept
2. A Unified Evolutionary Theory of Social Behavior
3. Adaptation and Multilevel Selection
4. Group Selection and Human Behavior
5. Human Groups as Adaptive Units

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Course Details:
1. Teaching Materials:Self DevelopedProvided by Textbook Authors
2. Teaching Method:Lecture SlidesBlackboard Teaching
3. Grading Method:Attendance 15%, Quiz0%, Assignment0%, Programming0%, Technical Report0%,
                       Project0%, Mid-Term Exam35%, Final Exam35%, Final Report0%, Others15%,
4. Teaching Resources:Course Web Site Downloadable Electronic Materials Lab Web Site
5. Other requirements: 選修課程請勾選隸屬領域:■倫理學與法政哲學■科學史與科學哲學

Relationship between course education goals and core capabilities        
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