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學年/學期Academic Year / Semester 106學年度2學期
科目名稱Course Title Science Fiction: Dystopia, Gender and Film
授課方式Course Type □ Lab ■ Seminar □ Practicum ■ Lecture □ other
授課教師Instructor Dr. Benjamin Heal 學分數(Credits) 3
上課時間Time Th(13:10-16:00) 上課地點(Place) R149
電郵信箱Email 研究室與電話(Office & Phone) R.353
導師時間 Office Hours Th 16:00-17:00

課程介紹與教學目標 Course Description and Objectives
This course examines major twentieth century works of science fiction, looking at the range of sub-genres, engagement with philosophical ideas and its enduring popularity. With a focus on the development of science fiction in the UK and North America during the twentieth century, this course will introduce you to a representative sample of fascinating science fiction. With a focus on dystopian texts like George Orwell’s classic Nineteen Eighty-Four and gender with an examination of Margaret Attwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. It will also consider the close relationship between science fiction literature and modern cinema.

Seminars will be a mix of lecture and class discussion. Additional reading materials and film and video clips will be provided to aid discussion. There will be additional exercises such as quizzes, debates, presentations (assessed), brainstorming, concept mapping, video reports and free writing where appropriate. Additional movie screenings will also be held.
Learning Objectives:
1) To explore the genre of science fiction
2) For students to gain knowledge of the intellectual and cultural background of science fiction.
3) To equip the students with the necessary critical faculties, analytical approach, interdisciplinary vision and analytical, interpretative and inference skills for a successful understanding of science fiction.
4) To analyse major texts of science fiction, and assess the reasons for their importance.
5) To equip the students with the knowledge of philosophical and scientific theories that inform science fiction.
6) To understand the evolution of the various themes and literary traditions within the genre.
與核心能力指標之關聯 Relevance to Core Competence Indexes
■ 溝通表達與語文能力(Effective Communication and Language Skills)
■ 經典作品解析能力(Classics Comprehension and Analysis)
■ 問題發掘與研究能力(Problem-Solving and Research)
■ 創作與創新能力(Creativity and Innovation)
■ 科技應用能力與科技素養(Technology Application and Literacy)
■ 全球視野與多元文化認知能力(Global Vision and Awareness of Cultural Diversity)

課程要求Course Requirements
You will need to bring a pen and pad to make notes, have a paper copy of each course text, and be prepared to make contributions to discussions. You should prepare for each seminar by reading the text or texts set. You should also read some secondary material about the text. Extra materials will be provided You will be required to produce a 15-minute informative group presentation or video essay on one of the texts, which will be assessed (20%). There will also be 2 homework response papers (10%, 300 words each), a mid-term in-class essay exam (20%) and a 1000 word final research essay (50%).

上課用書Textbooks and References
H.G. Wells – The Time Machine (1895)
George Orwell – Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)
Robert Heinlein – Starship Troopers (1959)
William S. Burroughs – Nova Express (1964)
Philip K. Dick – Ubik (1969)
Margaret Attwood – The Handmaid’s Tale (1985)
Short stories (provided)
David Seed – Science Fiction: A Very Short Introduction
學習評量與成績配分Assessment and Grade Distribution
Essay: 50%, Exam: 20%, Group Presentation/video essay: 20%, Response Papers 10%

課程進度Course Schedule
Week Date Contents
Week 01 03-5 Introduction: The Future: HG Wells - The Time Machine
Week 02 03-12 The Time Machine
Week 03 03-19 The Time Machine 2
Week 04 03-26 Dystopia: George Orwell - 1984
Week 05 03-19 1984
Week 06 03-26 Genre: Robert Heinlein - Starship Troopers
Week 07 04-9 Starship Troopers
Week 08 04-16 Twisted Literature: William S. Burroughs - Nova Express
Week 08 04-23 Presentation/Essay skills workshop - Mid-Term Exam
Week 09 04-30 Nova Express
Week 10 05-7 Twisted reality: Philip K. Dick - Ubik
Week 11 05-14 Ubik
Week 12 05-21 Presentation week.
Week 13 05-28 Short Stories: Harlan Ellison, Ted Chiang, William Gibson, Joanna Russ
Week 14 06-4 Short Stories: Harlan Ellison, Ted Chiang, William Gibson, Joanna Russ
Week 15 06-11 Margaret Attwood – The Handmaid’s Tale The
Week 16 06-15 Handmaid’s Tale
Week 17 06-22 Essay Deadline -
Week 18
Week 19

與教育部職能診斷UCAN的關聯Relevance to UCAN of MOE
□ 建築營造 □ 製造 □ 科學、技術、工程、數學 □ 物流運輸 □ 天然資源 □ 食品與農業 □ 醫療保健 ■ 藝文與影音傳播 □ 資訊科技 □ 金融財務 □ 企業經營與管理 □ 行銷與銷售 □ 政府公共事務 ■ 教育與訓練 □ 個人及社會服務 □ 休閒與觀光旅遊 □ 司法、法律與公共安全

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