CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
This is a whole English course for English listening, conversation and expression. To build up students' ability in speaking English, they will learn English pronunciation from the very beginning. That is, students will learn the articulation of English vowels and consonants one by one as well as in the context. Meanwhile, by listening to Ted, You Tube, and BBC, France 24 & Wikipedia daily news, students will not only improve listening comprehension but also get updated with what is going on in the world. Meanwhile, through the training of delivering public speeches, students can build up confidence in speaking English. In total, students will make at least 2 individual public speeches and do regular group presentation, panel discussion and talk show on various contemporary authentic issues.
Document of syllabusEng L-S-Spr2020.pdf
Please respect to the intellectual property rights, do not photocopy the textbooks which assigned by professors.