CCU Course Intro
Course Introduction
Course objectives
1. Learners will have opportunities of extensive practice in academic writing skills so that students can truly master each important aspect of writing, especially in paragraph-to-essay writing skills
2. Learners will keep engaged by stimulating academic discussion and discourse skills to enhance writing skills
3. Learners can understand the differences between academic writing and informal writing, especially in steps of writing, genre types of writing and using sources
4. Learners will have extensive skill practice to analyze the paragraph/essay structure in academic writing

By the end of the semester, learners will be able to learn…
1. Different types of academic writing in paragraphs-to essay skills & steps of essay writing
2. Features of effective writing and analyzing an essay structure
3. Parallel structure and outlining in academic writing
4. Writing sentences, paragraphs and essays with clarity, unity, conciseness and coherence
5. Using outside sources
Document of syllabus1092_1903443_Academic English Integrated Skills High-intermediate (I).pdf
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